Andrea Gliber

Tag der Sprachen - Bavaria Filmstudios

On Wednesday, September 25, we went to the Bavaria Film Studios in Munich by bus. When we arrived there, we were split into two groups. One group had a guided tour in German and the other one had a tour in English. We started the tour with a 4D cinema performance and continued the tour exploring the worlds of ‘Wickie’, ‘Asterix and Obelix’, F*ck you Goethe’ and a lot of other movies. We were even allowed to shoot our own film scenes, which was a lot of fun. The tour lasted two hours and after that we had a bit of free-time, which many of us spent exploring the ‘Atelier’ with lots of other attractions and a tour through 100 years of filming at the Bavaria Studios. When we got back to Kufstein, many of us agreed that it had been a really interesting and exciting experience.
Eva, Julia, Ana, Rosalie, Tanja, Anna – 2DHW