About our school


School history:

Our school was founded as a domestic science school more than 80 years ago and was expanded by what is now known as the Secondary College/School of Occupations in the Service Industries and Management in 1976. It is now a business college constantly adapting to new developments on the labour market. Apart from a profound knowledge of general things our students get special training in business subjects which makes them fit for their later professional lives.

Special subjects for our students:

In the 5 years’ college, students can choose between the following three special subjects:

  • European Economy and Spanish: Besides the first foreign language English and the second foreign languages Italian or French students are learning the third foreign language Spanish
  • Health Management and Biotechnology: Students are learning skills that they will be able to use in any health-related jobs they might choose after graduation
  • IT and Media Design: Students are focusing on new media, web design and related subjects.

Education System: COLLEGE FOR HIGHER VOCATIONAL EDUCATION (BHS) UPPER LEVEL, Secondary Level II, Grade 9 – 13, Age 14 - 19

In the 3 years’ school, students are educated further in the special subject called Health and Social Sciences which is a perfect basis for further jobs in the health sector but they are also prepared for jobs in the service industries as they have practical exams in Cooking and Service.

Education System: COLLEGE FOR HIGHER VOCATIONAL EDUCATION (BHS) UPPER LEVEL, Secondary Level II, Grade 9 – 11, Age 14 - 17


Our school offers a wide range of theoretical and practical skills which will prepare our students for the challenges of their future lives. Our vision is not only to support our students in individual research, team skills and a good use of new digital media, but also to allow them to grow and develop personally and to get a tolerant and open-minded view of the world.

Certificates and other extras:

Our school is a certified Entrepreneurship-School: Thus, the ability to put plans and ideas into action has become a key competence for the whole school community.
We also have the Austrian ECO-label for schools which means that we focus on environmental commitment and sustainability.
We are also a certified UNESCO-School promoting global solidarity through education, science and knowledge
IT-Certification for Schools 4.0

Our students have the opportunity to get additional training: as a sommelier, Foreign Language certificates (BEC, PLIDA), Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)-Certification, Russian, Babyfit


HLW FW Kufstein
August-Scherlstraße 1
6330 Kufstein
Tel. +43 5372 64147
Email: hlw-kufstein@tsn.at
Dir. Mag. Markus Höfle