Excursion to Amsterdam

The Erasmus exchange to Amsterdam was an immersive experience for …

... our group, providing us with invaluable opportunities to improve our skills and broaden our horizons. During our visit we took part in various activities, worked with our partner school in Hengelo and explored the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

Meeting with the partner school
One of the highlights of our exchange was the collaboration with our partner school in Hengelo. This collaboration allowed us to exchange ideas in English, learn more about different education systems and make international friends. Through discussions and joint projects, we gained insights into entrepreneurial education and discovered innovative approaches to learning.

Skills acquired
Through our collaboration with the partner school, we learnt about entrepreneurial concepts and strategies. We learnt to identify opportunities, take initiative and collaborate effectively to achieve our goals. These entrepreneurial skills are invaluable in today's dynamic world and will serve us well in our future endeavours.

Media and marketing project
As part of our exchange programme, we explored the fundamentals of filmmaking by creating film sequences in a media project. We learnt about film techniques and the usage of professional cameras. This hands-on experience gave us fundamental skills in visual storytelling and multimedia production. As part of our marketing project, we used this week to produce our own goods and launch our blog about Amsterdam.

Cultural exploration
Our visits to landmarks such as the Anne Frank House, Madame Tussauds and the Amsterdam Dungeon provided us with rich cultural insights. We immersed ourselves in the history and heritage of Amsterdam and gained a deeper understanding of its importance on the world stage.

The canal boat tour offered a unique perspective of Amsterdam's architectural marvels and picturesque landscapes. As we cruised through the city's waterways, we marvelled at the intricate canal system and learned more about Amsterdam's maritime heritage.

A trip full of learning, collaboration and cultural discovery
The Erasmus exchange to Amsterdam was a fulfilling trip full of learning, collaboration and cultural discovery. Through interacting with the partner school, participating in various activities and immersing ourselves in the vibrant life of the city, we acquired a range of skills that will undoubtedly shape our personal and professional development.

The experience not only broadened our horizons, but also gave us a greater appreciation for diversity, entrepreneurship and lifelong learning. We are grateful for the support of our school in providing us with this enriching experience and look forward to applying our newly acquired skills and insights in our future endeavours.

We thank our school for actively supporting entrepreneurship education and giving us the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus exchange programme. We would also like to thank our colleagues at the partner school in Hengelo for their warm hospitality, co-operation and friendship. This experience would not have been possible without the joint efforts and support of everyone involved.